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Wholesale of desserts and pastries

Fantaisie du blé offers its dessert and pastry creations to caterers, restaurants, canteens, hospitals, grocery stores and more.

Various sizes are offered:

Our specialty since 1989: the homemade date square without trans-fat, low in saturated fat and containing only seven ingredients. The reputation of this dessert made with 100% fresh dates, without artificial colours or flavours, is firmly established.

Try our range of prepackaged products in single portions, such as date square, Queen Elizabeth cake, Belgian chocolate brownie, pudding chomeur, cream fudge cake, sugar tart. Surprise your guests with a variety of pound cakes sliced into 100-gram portions. Banana, lemon and poppy seeds, and much more.

All our products keep their freshness for six months in the freezer.

We also stand out with our branded products for wholesalers.

For more information about our products, contact us by phone at 450 692-6755, or by email at the following address: commandes@fantaisieduble.ca